Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Happy Endings" Star Casey Wilson On The 5 Mistakes That Get "Friends" Knockoffs Cancelled Again And Again

Casey Wilson must be used to saying this, because he offers it right up front:

Her new show, ABC's "Happy Endings," has similarities to "Friends."

"Yes, there's guys & girls, some are married, some are single," he says.

She is aware -- as are they -- that it is a model that is being worked hard by networks this year, & not always with great results.

(See: NBC's "Perfect Couples," which has been cancelled; FOX's "Traffic Light," which will be any day now.)

But Wilson, a writer herself (he co-wrote "Bride Wars") knows that so plenty of "Friends" followers have failed because writers, producers & network execs make the same irritating mistakes over & over again.

Are you listening, thousands of twentysomething sitcoms shooting fall pilots right now? You ought to be.


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